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Films by Solutia, including Llumar, are the only window films to include UV inhibitors in ALL layers of the film. Ultraviolet radiation is the greatest cause for film breakdown, causing color change, adhesive failure, delaminating, etc. By having UV inhibitors in every layer of film rather than just one, Llumar is far less likely to deteriorate than other films. Check out what Kristin Jackson, a designer and blogger, has to say about Llumar!

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Vista is the ONLY dual-reflective film on the market that is ALL metalized. Other films are a hybrid of dyed and metalized. This means that Vista films will not change color and will last exponentially longer than hybrid films. With Vista’s all metalized films, a lighter film is often required to achieve the same or greater heat rejection than darker colors of other films.

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Solyx decorative films are available in numerous patterns and shades and can turn any flat glass surface into an eye-catching design. Decorative films add visual interest while increasing privacy. Solyx films also diffuse visible light without cutting down on ambient light. Whether used in a home or business, Solyx decorative films create an attractive look at a fraction of the cost of etched glass.

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Glass Tint USA also carries Llumar Decorative Films

There are hundreds of commercial and residential window film options. At Glass Tint USA, we will sit down with you and discuss what you want to accomplish with window tinting for your home or office, and we will recommend the best film for the job.

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