Car Paint Protection

Paint protection film applied by professional Glass Tint technicians.

Why Paint Protection Film?

Protect against rock chips, bug acids, roadway salt, sand abrasion, and other common damages to your car or truck’s paint finish. Paint Protection Film can be applied to a vehicle's bumpers, mirror backs, grill surround, hood, handle insets, and rocker panel to ensure that your car’s most vulnerable areas are protected, keeping your car looking newer, longer.

XPEL Paint Protection Film

Glass Tint USA uses XPEL Paint Protection Film to provide superior paint protection to all of our clients in Springfield, MO. The specially designed polyurethane film (originally used to protect the rotor blades of helicopters) has now been developed to protect your vehicle's paint work and head/fog-lights from sandblasting and stone chips without compromising your vehicles styling or color! Poly Urethane automotive paint protection film is CLEARLY the best by all the following standards: optical clarity, adhesive shear strength, surface gloss, low level of "orange peel," elasticity, removability, liner release, computer cutting stability, and product warranty.

Paint protection film creates an invisible barrier between your car's beautiful exterior and flying insects, small debris, as well as possible chemicals on the road's surface. It can also help protect your vehicles' head lights from damage from small stones and debris on the road's surface.

Have Questions? Contact us or visit our Paint Protection Film FAQ page.